Selecting used Stax phone and amp

I hadn't listened to headphones in years, but I recently did a setup comprised of ethernet to microRendu, USB to Ayre Codex, stereo to Audeze LCD-X.  I'm impressed with the sound, but the Audeze phones seem heavy.  I'd like to try used Stax phones and amp at a reasonable cost, e.g., around $1500 for both.  Advice on models I might look for would be appreciated.  For example, it appears SR-L500 and SRM353X might fit my cost aim, but I know nothing about them.  The source will be Roon files.

Also don't know how a Stax amp might be used in a computer audio setup.  They don't appear to have USB input, not sure about a DAC.  Might it be balanced analog from the Codex to the Stax amp?

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I’ll share my experience with you since it seems similar to what you’re looking for. I have owned Stax headphones and driver units for about thirty years. I started with Lambda Pros with the SRM1-Mk 2 driver amp, and now use Stax 009s with the Stax T1-S driver amp. In 2000, I bought a pair of Stax Lambda Signatures with the Stax T1-S for $875 here on Audiogon. I have found that Stax sound even better after they have been broken in. Recently, I thought I would try a closed-back headphone, so I bought a pair of Audeze LCD-XC. They are very good sounding phones, and for a while I listened to them more than the Stax combo. Over time, I have moved back to the Stax phones as the clamping feeling (and the weight) of the Audeze phones just makes me uncomfortable. It’s sort of apples and oranges, but if I had to make a decision about phones today I would go with a used pair of Stax, with a tube driver amp. They offer combo units today, but I can’t speak to the prices because I haven’t shopped for Stax phones in a long time. Keep looking, combo units show up here (and other sites) pretty often. That’s probably because no one wants to part with them. The Stax T1-S offers balanced inputs.

Today (9-24-20), there is a Stax amp (T1) and Lambda headphones available (not mine) here on Audiogon for $1,550. If you haven’t bought a pair yet, then these are for you! Take a look! The only thing the T-1 lacks are balanced inputs. That's available on the T-1S.
I would try them on .....there are those that don't like the fit.
Best thing to do would be to contact STAX. I have contacted many manufacturers in the past...and they were able to help me make decisions or solve problems.