Selecting tonearm and cartridge.HELP

 Hello friends and like-minded people.
I have only been reading the forum for a year, the first time I ask for help. Help me choose a tonearm and cartridge for the HANS T-60 table. I choose between Reed 3P, Kuzma 4 point 11 ", Pluto Audio 6A, and possibly GLANZ MH-104S andcartridges Koetsu Onyx, TechDAS TDC0i Ti, Lyra Atlas. I have a phono transducer ARS REF-10, a preamplifier ARS REF-10, cable Transporent. Unfortunately, I cannot rent for listening. Now I listen to vinyl on MICHELL ORBE with an SME 309 tonearm and a Shelter Accord cartridge, and I understand that I did not reveal the potential that corresponds to the rest of the system. I listen tovinyl records mainly jazz and classics, I listen to rock and hard rock on CD and from my server. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I ask you to help those who have gone this way by themselves, and not those who, somewhere heard something. Thank you all very much. Sorry for googol translator

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Reed 3p is amazing, must be a great match for your Lyra. Not sure if they made anything heavier than my Reed (12 inch and about 18g)? For Koetsu you could use something like Ikeda.