Selecting tonearm and cartridge.HELP

 Hello friends and like-minded people.
I have only been reading the forum for a year, the first time I ask for help. Help me choose a tonearm and cartridge for the HANS T-60 table. I choose between Reed 3P, Kuzma 4 point 11 ", Pluto Audio 6A, and possibly GLANZ MH-104S andcartridges Koetsu Onyx, TechDAS TDC0i Ti, Lyra Atlas. I have a phono transducer ARS REF-10, a preamplifier ARS REF-10, cable Transporent. Unfortunately, I cannot rent for listening. Now I listen to vinyl on MICHELL ORBE with an SME 309 tonearm and a Shelter Accord cartridge, and I understand that I did not reveal the potential that corresponds to the rest of the system. I listen tovinyl records mainly jazz and classics, I listen to rock and hard rock on CD and from my server. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I ask you to help those who have gone this way by themselves, and not those who, somewhere heard something. Thank you all very much. Sorry for googol translator
Reed 3p is amazing, must be a great match for your Lyra. Not sure if they made anything heavier than my Reed (12 inch and about 18g)? For Koetsu you could use something like Ikeda. 
A JA Michell Orbe with a Shelter accord cartridge on a SME 309 tone arm is not affording you excellent results with the rest of your system?

I would try a few different cartridges instead of replacing your whole rig because its not the table or tonearm (the one you have is awesome sounding) holding you back from audio nirvana im sure. AND if its Transparent cables you have , try something that dosent use "boxes" on the cable these rob the life from your system. IMO.
Audio Technica makes fantastic cartridges and tonearms.

Want the best quality? in this case you may have to buy the top model.
Alec, No problem. The Atlas is handily the best cartridge you picked and the choice of many. The 3P is the best tonearm for it but, I encourage you to look at the 2G. It does not have the sexy azimuth adjustment but the bearing geometry is better and that is more important. The vertical bearing of the 2G is at the level of the record which reduces warp wow. The tonearm tracks better. The arm on the $20K 5T is a mini 2G