Selecting audio components

I'm trying to figure out which set-up would sound best cosidering I listen to alternitive music( loud rock n roll ). The choices are: Theta Miles directly into a Krell or Mark Levinson amp or a Krell KAV 300 cd player/Krell KRC-3 OR HR combination? Or possibly the Theta with the KRC preamp. I don't necessarily have to have the preamp but I would like to listen to my Magnum Dynalab tuner. Any suggestions as to which combination would sound the best would be greatly appreciated. I will also be using Cardas power cords,balanced interconnects etc.
In my experience, Theta, Krell, and Levinson equipment sound awesome usually sound great together. So mix and match to your heart's content. With that class of equipment its hard to go wrong!
My experience with the KAV-300CD was not good, and I'm a big Krell fan - I'd highly recommend their KRC-3 or KRC-HR preamp if you're so inclined, and definitely their amps. So, I'd recommend a different source component - maybe the Muse Model 9 signature as a CD player - very nice sound.
Agree with Kthomas re: Muse digital gear. Very natural and musical sounding without the etch of other "hi-fi" digital pieces.
Thanks guys for the info.