Segue ISO vs. Seismik Sink pods?

Has anyone heard the effects of both the Symposium Acoustics Segue ISO (with it's springs) and Townshend Audio Seismik Sink pods, particularly under a turntable and/or CD transport?
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Try Symposium Ultra Stealth better than all of these.
He said Stealth. There's an original name for you. :-)
I'm saying they could have at least come up with a better name. The word stealth is like so passé and outdated not to mention overused. Follow?
The SS pods have adjustable height for leveling, a necessity with tables and disc players.
This is the name of the unit.
The Seismic Pods provide isolation down to a very low frequency (like 3Hz). The springs of the Segue ISO are also isolators, though to what frequency and with what suppression is not quantified on the Symposium website. Maybe I'll just have to get both and compare.
I've been catching up on my reading, looking into HRS and others. But last night I hit pay dirt---the Minus K vibration isolator. Not cheap, but neither are the Ultra and HRS.
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