seems like static

I have a Rogue Magnum 88/99 combo. At the start up of the amp right after the warm up click of the cicuit, there is a zzzzzz. Then during random moments, even with the volume all the way down. I hear what sounds like a static discharge coming from the right speaker. the static is random, sometimes for a split second, other times for a second or so. All all random times from 10 seconds to 30 apart. I have tried everything to figure this out. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Scott
I have a Rogue Audio 66 Magnum preamp and an 88 Magnum amp and experienced the same thing for quite a while. It was intermittent and sounded very much like you described. I cleaned the tube sockets but it did not eliminate the problem. Eventually however it did subside and it has been many months since it has occurred again.
Is this tube /pre/amp? If so, sounds like you have a tube going bad. Take the tubes from the right side and put in the left. If the static moves channels...then it's a tube.

I'm sorry I can't narrow it down to a specific tube without knowing more about your pre or amp...
I think I might have it. I did switch the tubes and it made no difference. I use a Salamander type stand, so I moved my amp out from underneath the pre. I put the amp on a different stand to the side. So far the problem is gone. The amp was about 3-4 inches below the pre. Could this have been the culprit?
No, it was the Rogue 88. Never was quiet. Got rid of it shortly after this post. Never, ever looked back.