Seems like a lot of folks are putting their Primaluna amps for sale...

No agenda here, just surprised how many new/newish/older Primaluna amps and integrateds are for sale as of late. Nothing but great reviews and a lot of fans out there. Any negatives or not-so-happy customers?

I've got my cheapo Prologue One cranked up at the moment, listening to Wagner's Lohengrin from an old Angel/EMI LP.  Lovely vocal & string tone. 3D. Enjoyable if not shatteringly effective dynamics. I could care less about upgrading.

I had a Prologue Premium Preamp that I upgraded to a Dialogue Premium Preamp. I thought I could listen further into the music with the Prologue. 

For me, I got tired of the PL house sound and sold it. Kept my CJ 17LS2 and am currently using a Don Sachs DS2.

Different strokes.

Thanks for listening..



i love it when a silly ol fish takes bait set some 2 years earlier... 😁