Seems like a lot of folks are putting their Primaluna amps for sale...

No agenda here, just surprised how many new/newish/older Primaluna amps and integrateds are for sale as of late. Nothing but great reviews and a lot of fans out there. Any negatives or not-so-happy customers?
Can’t avoid sounding like a broken record....great time to buy stuff.

If I find an "act now" deal for a dialogue pre/monos,I just may have to grab them.
Nah, I want to find the deal that will NEVER come even as this madness plays out.

My PL HP is ready for the $45K Sonus Faber Stradivari's for $10K!!!!

All this extra time ,I could mod my HP integrated. Drop some nice coupling caps and a other tweaky thnigs to make even MORE voodoo music.

There’s more than a couple years of archives and endless opinions which are no different than other fine gear.

Go and find EXACT build/part/performance in a USA spec. Good luck finding it. They are not unique if you break it down. Line Magnetic and probably a couple more are worth checking out also.

Negative reviews are necessary for perspective, but the ears have the final say, like ANY equipment.
At least my when I checked here, there were 3 pieces. Not an eyebrow raising amount.
if "a lot" is three listings?
Just sold my Dialogue pre a couple weeks ago. Simple matter of upgrading. Was fun to play with the different 12au7 tubes. I enjoyed it for the price point.
Just my opinion, but yes, "a lot" according to what I've been seeing the past 2 months, not just the snapshot of what's on there at this particular moment. Most of what I've been seeing are Dialogue Premiums; amps, monos, and integrateds. If you look at sales history, on multiple sights, it seemed people tried them and were moving on. I was only looking for some feedback, not really interested in 'snark'. 

I was tempted with PL gear. UA, for a few years, had NOS discontinued models under $1,000. UA advertises heavily in the stereo rags. I'm sure they are fine...I just decided to look elsewhere