Seems I'm really done!

Since adding a Bricasti M1 DAC in December 2015, I am totally content with my gear. Oh what a feeling! 

I do do know my phono cartridge is living on borrowed time- a Linn Arkiv B,. But till it's dead- it continues to make music. 
I'm sitting in a very comfortable chair, listening to an LP though my system, and for the life of me there truly is nothing o would change. I've got full and broad frequency response, nuance, image specificity, depth and width, dynamics. There truly is nowhere for me to go to get any greater satisfaction out if my music! Not merely famous last words, but good last words too! 

Davidpritchard said- 

"I hope you will trial the Synergistic Research Black fuse in your Bricasti DAC and a Synergistic Research A/C wall outlet."

My M1 has a circuit breaker, and I'm already running a good outlet. FWIW, I did a software update on my M1. It's not screwed up a thing.