Seems I'm really done!

Since adding a Bricasti M1 DAC in December 2015, I am totally content with my gear. Oh what a feeling! 

I do do know my phono cartridge is living on borrowed time- a Linn Arkiv B,. But till it's dead- it continues to make music. 
zavato, Congrats! I have been there myself on several occasions. Hopefully you have a better run of success staying there than I have. Having my system dialed in perfectly many times doesn't stop me from making changes, often screwing things up again in the process.

I'm not touching a thing!!!
...proof that Nirvana can be reached...*S* I've lived to see the day.

Although the means is subject to the intent and desire of the Searcher, as it always has been, will always be.

Enjoy the bliss, zavato.  And it's wonderful to hear (no pun intended) that it has been attained for at least one entity in these pages of woe and whoa. ;)
Nine systems, mapman?  Now, that's impressive.  It would be quite a read to see a list of what's mated to what, and the environment each resides in, and what each is relegated to play.

...and the deviant within me wonders if the master of these realms has ever had all playing the same source at the same time at whatever level each is possible to achieve without strain.  And how long it took for the neighbors to respond...

...unless they're far away....;)