Seeking your feedback/opinions on Arkiv's vinyl

I'd like to know others opinions about the general quality of vinyl released on the German Arkiv label. Many years ago, I bought new copies of Musica Antiqua Koln's releases that sound excellent. However, recent seemingly mint-ish Arkiv lp purchases I've bought sound distorted, dull, and lacking ambiance. Releases by Karl Richter, J.E. Gardiner, etc. all sound better on the early 80's cd releases than they do on the vinyl copies I've found. I'm not sure if the lp's are just substandard or if they were previously played with a mistracking and worn stylus. (The recordings in question are NOT from the same seller and or collection, they're sourced from multiple retailers.)
I also have some good and some bad from Arkiv label, but you have to look for the first releases with the dull paper covers....later ones with the shiny covers are re-issues and some are bad in comparison. Also note, that some of the originals were first issued as mono......