Seeking tube amp advice

I'm replacing my Rogue Medusa hybrid amp to return to all tube...Here are my top considered choices ( to be paired with a Rogue RP1 preamp):
I had a trade deal for a couple of Quicksilver Silver 88s, but I've lost touch with the other party...

I know that there are many choices besides these, but I have had some (good) experience with Rogue, and these are all available now on the used market...

Rogue Atlas Magnum
Rogue stereo 90
Rogue ST100
Rogue M150 monoblocks.

My speaker manufacturer suggests about 100wpc.

Do you mean that your speakers are rated at 100 watts?

More useful specs of your speakers are impedance and sensitivity. What speakers are they? The interface between tube amps and speakers is very important to get the best out of both!
The manufacturer (Angstrom) recommends a 100 wpc amplifier for the Angstrom Obbligatos...They don't publish efficiency ratings, but, as I remember from a phone call with the maker, they are 91db efficient.
I second theRogue Stereo 100 tube amp.  I heard it with Rogue’s RP5 tube preamp and the sound was magical.  
Your speakers are 91 dB, 4 ohm, and you're looking at tube amps.
You do not need 100 wpc. 30 to 50 will do just fine. That opens up Raven, Prima Luna.
@millercarbon.. just spoke with Marc at Angstrom to verify the efficiency rating. He told me that they are rated at about 90db, and he echoed what you had said about using them with a tube amp. He suggested that they would work well with a minimum of 30 wpc, but that 50 wpc would be safer. That does open things up to the Primaluna and Raven, plus the ST100, which is rated for 50 wpc in triode mode. Hmmm. Just when I was almost out of factors and choices to consider. :-)

Nothing wrong with the extra juice. You can do more damage with a under powered amp than with one that is higher powered. Extra current delivery equals more dynamic headroom.
If you like the Rogue sound and the M150s are in your budget, go for those.  I have the M-180 and have been very happy with them driving everything from super easy to drive Klipsch to my current Harbeth Super HL5 Plus.  As someone else said, you don't need to worry about having too much power.
Unless Rogue has upgraded their transformers, or you just like a sweeter top end, I would not consider them. I had the 150 monos with cryoed KT 88 tubes in an all dif balanced system but never heard the leading edge of music that I knew was there