Seeking the best distribution of power...

I have a 5.1 surround set up with bi-ampable L/R monitor audio bronze b2 bookshelf speakers and the matching center in front (not bi-ampable), JBL's with about 4" woofers for surrounds and an $80 KLM powered sub. I want to power all of this (not necessarily the sub) with 2 Adcom Gfa 2535 amps. These amps have 4 channels each at 60w, and each can bridge 2 of their channels to make 200w. Thus I have either 8 channels of 60w, or 4 channels of 60w + 2 of 200w. The room is about 10' by 20'. How could I best distrubute this power?

My listening priorities in order, are:
1) stereo classical music
2) M-channel classical sacd
3) movies

My ideas so far are:
1) amp everything with 60w and have the L/R bi-amped, and leave one channel empty or add it to the powered sub (if this is even possible).
2) same as #1 except power the center with 200w.
3) do not bi-amp L/R but give them each 200w, then 60w each for the surrounds and the center.

I know I'll need to experiment, but any opinions as to what should sound best are welcome - thanks!
Ok, let me put it this way: should it be better to power a bookshelf with a 200w channel, or to bi-amp with 2 60w channels?