Seeking Ten Years After song

Anyone know the name of the song where Alvin Lee detunes his lower E string and goes into a savage one-string solo?

I saw him do it live and pretty sure it was on an album.

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It has been a while, but I'm pretty confident that it's on the Recorded Live album.
It has been a long time, but I think the song is I'm going home, which he also performed at Woodstock.
'going home'on the album or cd 'undead' I always forget this is one of the greatest live records of all time....their cover of woody herman's 'woodchoppers' ball' is incredible.
Rlapporte got it right, its on the "Recorded Live"album, its also on the newer "Live At Fillmor East". The name of the song is- "extension on one chord" and its sandwiched between "I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes" part one and "I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes" part two.
"Extension on One Chord".

I purchased the "Live at the Fillmore East" album some months ago seeking this song but didn't let the music play long enough (CD 1, track 6, right about the 11 minute mark).

Not to be a pooper but I don't care much for this performance (However, Amazon is rife with five star reviews).
Alvin Lee seems bored and totally "phoning it in".
Also, at the point he detunes his guitar, it sounds like he totally misses his mark (sharp) but plays anyway.

Can one of you compare this version to the "Recorded Live"? Am I right?

The one in my memory was awsome.
check out Woodstock performance
That was Albert detuning his E string? I always thought that he just took a break and let the bass player have a solo. Damn, good old Al didn't let anyone else have the spotlight for a minute, did he?

Albert (ha, ha) - I meant Alvin
Yes, I think old Alvin was a bit of a Primadonna.
I heard it pissed him off when ace bass player, Leo Lyons, would steal the show.

Mlauner: The Woodstock performance is what I'm comparing the Fillmore to (partly). The Fillmore gig is routine and uninspired by comparison.
Alvin Lee let Leo Lyons take many lengthy solos, and made a point of acknowleding the good work.
I saw them from the first balcony in the-then Music Hall in Boston circa'73-'74 (R&R Music to the World tour). They were truly great but Alvin did seem to hog the spotlight. Very different times. One of the better sounding shows at that time, but then the Music Hall itself was and is a wonderful, architecturally and acoustically well-designed venue.

It would be fun to listen each other's systems from the front row with the systems set up stage front.
TYA was a great band and most of their LP's are very well recorded by audiophile standards especially Cricklewood Green and A Space in Time.

I heard Alvin Lee say he was the reluctant leader of the band because of his singing and guitar playing and it sounded like it caused a rub with the other members...Someone has to lead or it turns into a big circle.
"Cricklewood Green" is a fantastic psychedelic blues/rock album that has fantastic sound as well! One of my vinyl treasures. Highly recommended if your into that kind of stuff. If not, give a listen and see if you change your mind.

BTW, its only a touch psychedelic with a few embellishments here and there, so if that hippie stuff ain't your cup of tea, don't let that put you off. THis is one of the best blues/rock albums out there that I have heard. IT is baffling to me that some of the cuts on here do not receive any airplay on classic rock stations and such.
I second Jaybo's recommendation of 'Undead," which is just spectacular, particularly side one.

I saw them at Fillmore West about two weeks before Woodstock. So I got *that* going for me. :-)
Does Alvin Lee still tour?

Can he and his band still "tear it up" like in his prime?
I don't think so. I saw him as part of a British retro show at the Fillmore some years ago (Eric Burdon, Ainsley Dunbar, others) and I thought he was kind of pathetic. Still wearing a tank top and trying to be the Rock Star, but not much there musically as I recall. I regretted going. :-)
Just picked up Cricklewood Green on original vinyl...great clarity, presence, and very vibrant, live like production... a stellar LP...SHHHH and space in time are also keepers....but this might be there best
Alvin moved on to "The Great Gig in the Sky" last spring. The other three guys still tour as Ten Years After with a new guitarist/vocalist.
The double live cd that was released in October is amazing.
Yeah picked up a Deram original pressing of Cricklewood Green last year for I believe 5 dollars,mint. There still out there,thank God. It is my favorite album by them and in listening sessions I follow it up with Savoy Brown's Looking In.
I always found the studio albums too dry sounding and lacking in the energy that the band has on the live album. Man they put on an energetic show.
Cricklewood has the best of both worlds...energetic performaces....and studio grade sound...the live LPs are too muddy for each his own....
I find TYA studio albums sounding as good or better than any from that era!
Qdrone, have to agree. I have an original 1st pressing of Cricklewood Green from back in the day, it's very good. Lee's playing still thrills me.
Pop Quiz: What does "Tens Years After" mean?
google is your friend.
I know; Do you?
Wasn't it to symbolize 10 years after the start of rock and roll? Or perhaps the Buddy Holly et. al. crash?
10 years after Elvis hit the scene, though there are alternative theories.
The Elvis theory doesn't really hold water as his first record was 12 years before, in 1954. Besides, why would Ten Years After relate to Elvis the Pelvis?