Seeking technician for in-home troublehsooting - dome tweeter hiss

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for recommendations on a SF/Bay Area technician or audio consultant who can help me troubleshoot a noise issue in my home system.

The amp is a Krell KSA-150 connected to a pair of B&W 804D speakers via AudioQuest Rocket33 cables. The system is powered through a Richard Gray 600s power conditioner. The noise is a high-pitched hiss coming from the dome tweeters, and is present even when the input source (Ayre Acoustics QB-9) is disconnected.

Any suggestions or recommendations greatly appreciated.


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Just a thought, if your using single ended from source to the Krell  balanced shorting plugs are a good idea, that's usually  pin 1 & 3 should be connected on your balanced inputs. Hope you solve your problem.