Seeking technician for in-home troublehsooting - dome tweeter hiss

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for recommendations on a SF/Bay Area technician or audio consultant who can help me troubleshoot a noise issue in my home system.

The amp is a Krell KSA-150 connected to a pair of B&W 804D speakers via AudioQuest Rocket33 cables. The system is powered through a Richard Gray 600s power conditioner. The noise is a high-pitched hiss coming from the dome tweeters, and is present even when the input source (Ayre Acoustics QB-9) is disconnected.

Any suggestions or recommendations greatly appreciated.


It could be the input transistors have gone noisy on the Krell, but first off try it all without the power conditioner, and unplug it as well from the mains.

BTW if testing without anything plugged into the Krell, you should always use shorting rca's, as leaving the input of the Krell open circuit will nearly always create some noise

See what happens 

Take the power conditioner out of the system and remove it completely. And plug the system direct into the mains wall outlet. And see if you still have the hiss.

Cheers George  

Just a thought, if your using single ended from source to the Krell  balanced shorting plugs are a good idea, that's usually  pin 1 & 3 should be connected on your balanced inputs. Hope you solve your problem.

I would add that make certain the Krell is not plugged into the 600S,
for openers. All of your other gear is okay to plug into the 600S.