Seeking suggestions for 6922 tubes

Some years ago Kevin Deal had a good price on a stash of Telefunken gold pin 6922 tubes. At the time I needed a pair for my DAC, and they worked out very well. I'm still using them today. Now I find myself with a preamp that also uses a pair, and it seems the Telefunkens are not available at this time. 

I would appreciate suggestions of alternate brands that I might use for this purpose.

Thanks, John 


What is the preamp and the DAC.

If the preamp runs the tubes hard then this will slim down your choices.

If the DAC uses the Telefunken's in a buffer stage (and you purchased higher than buffer grade tubes) you could try them in the preamp.

You could try something like this in the DAC and/or the preamp (see following link).

I've used the longer lasting version of the tube in the link, but good testing units of them dried up a long time ago.

Anyway, I may be able make a few recs once I know what preamp you are using.




Tungsrams are nice.  NOS Teslas are also nice, but seem to have gotten expensive.  I think white label Amperex, either Herleen Holland or USA, are the best option.  I have at least 60 of them.  :~)

Hi DeKay,

The pre is a Canary Audio 630, and the DAC is an Audio Note Kits 2.1 Signature.

I like the Telefunken's, although they are getting harder to find, and pretty spendy for matched pairs.  I think the Siemens comes pretty close, based largely on the type of music you listen to.  Brent Jesse is an excellent tube guy.  Tube Depot just had the Siemens on sale for $149.  I have not dealt with them before, but that's a decent price for a high quality NOS 6922 these days.

I am glad I bought 2 extra Telefunken's 2 extra Siemens when I had the chance a couple of years ago.  They just keep getting more expensive.