Seeking Speaker Suggestions for Cary 805c

Please offer speaker suggestions for Cary 805c amps driven by a Wadia 850 CD player.

I am primarily interested in small-ish floorstanders under $4,000. Either new or used is fine.

I listen to all kinds of music, but primarily jazz, acoustic, and rock.

I am upgrading from Quad ESL-63's becuase, as much as I love the Quad's, it is time for bass, volume, dynamics.

So far, I have auditioned Von Schweikert VR4's, Vandersteen 2Ce's, Triangle Celius, Meadowlark Osprey, and Usher AC-10. I am also considering Chesky C-1's and Soliloquy 6.3's, but can't audition either of those.

I would prefer a speaker that errs to the side of sweet, polite, and even dark, rather than bright and/or analytical. Obviously, after the Quads, midrange is very important to me as well. I'm looking for something easy to listen to and completely free of fatigue.

I am starting to narrow my choices to Vandersteen or Soliloquy. I loved the Usher's, but they are just too big for my room. I would love to hear comments from anyone owning any of the above speakers, or anyone that has found a speaker that achieves a great synergy with the Cary 805's. All suggestions and input is welcome

Thanks in advance,
Love my JM Reynaud Trente speakers which are easy to drive (currently using an 18 WPC SET amp) have lovely midrange, dynamic bass that goes to about 45hz and exquisite highs all in a very coherent and large image soundfield. I switched from Maggie 1.6 and do not miss their coherency and image size at all FWIW. The list price is around $2600 - $2900 plus stands. JM Reynaud Offrandes are the next model up and go down to 30 hz if you want more bass, which I do not miss at all. I have read where the Trente's have compared favorably with Harbeth 40's, in some ways, in the midrange and it would not surprise me as they are beautiful IMO.
If you already narrow your coices great but you didn't mention Sonus Faber.
How about used Sonus Faber Amator 2? Or the new Cremona? You don't mention your room size but I think the Cary will driven any of those pretty well in a small to medium size room. They fit the attributes you're after.
Sonus Faber Amator sounds like a good choice.
Check out PMC FB-1 speakers too.
Sonus Faber more-likely needs a welding machine rather than tube amp.
You may want to consider the Silverline Sonatas. You may be able to find them here on A'gon at $4k or less.
I owned the Sonun Faber Electa Amator I's and they would work great. I think you may want to investigate the new Gallo Reference III's. They would work with the power and might be a great match.
I would recomend Proarc 2.5's. Great speakers and sound wonderful with the 805's.
Reference 3A MM De Capo I
I would recommend the Reimer Wind Rivers. These are around 96db efecient and should work very well with the Cary's.
I second the ProAc Response 2.5s motion. I have them with an Air Tight 300B and works great. Wonderfully musical speakers and I've heard them many times with 805s.