Seeking some guidance on Sinatra

Hello. I don't know much about the Chairman of the Board -- his different periods, his changing styles, etc. Still, I know that some stuff sound great, at least to my ears, while other tunes leave me less than thrilled.

My question: The other day, out at a favorite lunch haunt, I heard Frank singing "Just One of Those Things." Man, the cat was smokin'. If I enjoyed that -- which I did, a lot -- could anyone point me to a couple of Sinatra albums on which I might find more of that kind of stuff?

Thanks very much.

-- Howard
Sinatra at the Sands (w/Count Basie). Not particularly an original pick, but it's a great record IMHO.
You didn't state whether you are looking for LPs or CDs or downloads, but if you want vinyl, Mobile Fidelity has reissued a lot of Frank's albums. I have all of them and most of them are stunning.

My favorites:

Swingin' Sessions
The Concert Sinatra
Nice 'N' Easy
Sinatra at the Sands is one of his best. Some of his later Capitol releases are overlooked with Nice 'n' Easy being the best. Ol' Blue Eyes is Back(73') IMO is his last worthy studio recording, even if it's a little schmaltzy.
The MFSL CD of "Songs For Swingin Lovers" is truly amazing from a music and recoding perspective. I can't believe the original recording was made 58 years ago! The MFSL remasters version still sounds incredible to my ears.
Thanks, guys. I look forward to picking some of these up, starting with Sinatra at the Sands.

-- Howard
I don't like any of the live recordings, just shows that you can't allow/expect others to make taste decisions for you. My very favorite Sinatra recording is A Man Alone. Probably not the consensus, but for sure mine. I also love Songs For Swinging Lovers. And about 15 others. A Concert Sinatra, I think that's the name, has In My Dreams, a truly great recording of a truly great song. Its not that expensive, try a few and decide for yourself. You will be happy.
Rpeluso-The OP asked for our opinions not you!
I believe that you would really enjoy "Nice and Easy" and also"My Pal Joey".
Dayglow-I am confused. Apologies if I offended you.
I'm confused too. What was it about Rpeluso's 2/18 comment that was so offensive? It was just an opinion, which is what the OP asked for. I don't get the Dayglow comment of the same day. Please explain!

Check out:
All his Capitol Records albums are fantastic.
Listen to Bennett instead.
The Capitol years had some great records. I have quite a few Sinatra CDs, and one that I listen to most frequently is one he made with Count Basie, "It Might as Well be Swing."