seeking repair advice on a BAT vkp-5

I lost the left channel of my phono stage last night. Pulled cover off thought it my be a tube, to my dismay three tube`s were out tried rolling them nothing changed the three tube socket`s were dead , issolating it to be a bigger problem other than tube`s. Here`s my question Im on the west coast BAT is on the east coast checked UPS calculator about 50 bucks one way. Should I suck it up on shipping or find a repair center that has a good reputation, (thats were you guy`s come in, who would you reccomend) I`m in Seattle area. David
I suggest you call BAT first. Is the unit under warranty? Maybe BAT can suggest a repair shop.
Bryans purchased used a year ago so 5 yr warranty is void called BAT Saturday hopeing they worked a half day no such luck I`ll call back Monday, just wondering if anyone has in mind a tech thats good on the west coast. David
This is probably pretty obvious, but did you check your fuse(s) David?

fifty bucks ( shipping ) is a lot but consider if the repair is done wrong somewhere else. How much will it cost after to have it done the right way? Also consider a factory upgrade while its at BAT. This maybe your best alternative!Good luck!
Jax2 yup fuse ok, 7 tubes work 3 do not.
Damn! Well, you know George Wright is down there in the Kent area. Very nice fellow and knows his tube gear like nobody's business. I don't know if he'd be amenable...he's kind of difficult to pin down unless you get him on the phone and pretty busy with production when I visited him, but he's close by and may be able to suggest someone else. He's not the most organized fellow, much like myself, but he really knows his tubes.

George Wright Website