Seeking Recommendations For A Record Cleaner

Greetings Fellow Vinyl Fans,


I wanted to seek recommendations for a record cleaner in the "less than $1,500" price category. I’ve read nice reviews of the cleaners made by VPI and Pro-Ject, but I’d like to hear from those of you with much more experience in this product.


Not sure if it makes any difference, but I use several different turntables, depending on where I am in my house. Most are vintage or budget, but I am planning on obtaining a higher end table very soon. Right now I have a Rega P3, a Dual CS-5000, a Dual 1009, a Fluance RT85 (very impressed with its sound paired with a Sutherland KC Vibe phono preamp), and a VPI Travelers.


Thank you for any and all input.




Thanks for the input, guys.  I will look at the other models mentioned here.  I have not done a lot of research on Ultrasonic Record Cleaning machines.  I'll research the Pros vs Cons.


Again, thanks.

I manually scrub the living crap out of my old and/or new LP’s, using a manual system, 10 at a time, soft infant scalp brush, no damage at all. Amazing how a beat up LP can sound.



see 11th photo in my virtual system here, I listen while cleaning a batch of 10.

My friend has a nice Ultrasonic cleaner, easy, fairly quick one at a time, easy to get a few ready before hand. However, sometimes he/we hear noise on his ultra cleaned LPs.