I'd appreciate hearing some feedback on what components forum readers think might best serve my needs. I listen to almost all of my music these days via an iPod and my computer and watch movies via a Blu-Ray player. Compact discs have virtually vanished from use in my system and, as such, I have virtually no need for a CD player in the future.

Understanding that my source material will either come from an (1) iPod; (2) Computer drive/internet feed/DirecTV; or (3) Movies via a Blu-Ray player, I am a bit confused about what single product will best meet my needs to feed my amps/speakers without having to resort to buying a pre-amplifier.

Ideally, I want to feed my source directly to my amps with as little in between as possible. This means I will be getting rid of my CD player, DAC and preamplifier and replacing with a product that can combine all of this into one nice, neat package.

My current speakers are Wilson Audio Sophia's which are driven by NYAL Moscode 300's, but that will soon change to McIntosh monoblock tube amps. There are MIT cables used throughout.

When playing movies I do not forsee ever venturing into surround sound as I am completely comfortable watching movies through two front speakers and no center or surround speakers.

I've given the NAD M2 a look as well as the Peactree iDecco and Nova.

Basically, what I need is a volume control for my source material and switching capabilities to select the source material.

What are your thoughts and ideas about what might serve my needs best?

Thanking everyone in advance for their contribution of thoughts and ideas.
You could try the Wadia 171 itransport or onkyo NS for ipod and the wyred 4 sound dac2 dac/ pre. The dac2 has 7 inputs, and volume control to a much higher end dac (sabre9018)than the Peachtree offerings.
I use a Squeezebox to stream music and internet radio, Pandora Slacker etc., into my Benchmark DAC, headphone amp, preamp that feeds two MC275s. Simplicity itself. the Squeezebox is a dream to use and renders a very high quality digital signal to the (great) Benchmark DAC (Kubala Sosna fascination digital cable) plus there aren't many if any better headphone amps and the preamp in the Benchmark is excellent together with the Macs sets up a very deep front to back soundsatge
Thanks for taking the time to provide me your thoughts. I am not familiar with these products and will give them a look. Keep the recommendations coming!