Seeking recommendation for Mahler 2

I just bought the Gilbert Kaplan/Wiener Philharmoniker SACD version of Mahler's Resurrection. To my ears, the performance and recording are quite uneven. Kaplan repeatedly robs the music of its natural tension and dynamics. It's a plodding performance with no sparkle or life. His own 1988 recording with the LSO was better. And the mix puts chorus in your lap in one phrase and buries it in the next. Soloists are way larger than life at times, and hidden among choral lines at others. The whole project seems over-edited and over-mixed, giving it a tweaked-sounding, unnatural arc. I'm no Mahler scholar, but I'd appreciate recommendations for a great performance and recording of the Resurrection. (Of course, if you love this version, I'd happily send you my copy!)
At the moment, I'm pretty happy with the Solti/LSO/Heather Harper/Helen Watts performance on London 1966 vinyl. At other times I like the Abravanel/Utah Symphony/Beverly Sills/Florene Kipleff on Vanguard 1967 vinyl or the Bernstein/LSO/Janet Baker/Sheila Armstrong on Columbia (don't know the date). I also listen to the Eschenback/Chicago Symphony/ Simona Saturova/Yvonne Naef performance on CD on the CSO label and the Bernstein/New York Phil/Barbara Hendricks/Christa Ludwig performance on DG 1986 CD.

Of the two digital versions, I think that the Eschenbach has some of the same problems that you describe with the Kaplan. The Bernstein is very nice (I don't think you can ever say that he robs the music of its drama!).

YMMV, of course.

I don't know if any of these are available on SACD, but I know that the Abravanel has recently been reissued on vinyl.
Too many choices for this, but apart from the above, you might consider the recent Fischer Channel Classics SACD and--good but not spectacular sound--Mehta with Cotrubas and Ludwig+Vienna Philharmonic on Decca from the mid 70s,

I've always thought a very underated M2 is Slatkin/SLSO on Telarc. Sonically it's a knockout. Any of the Klemperer M2's are also very good if you don't need a digital recording. I'm not a big Kaplan fan either.
Thanks for the suggestions. These will keep me busy for a couple years.

I have more than 50 recordings of Mahler, and of the many Resurrection CDs I like Bruno Walter's 1958 New York Philharmonic recording on Sony (SM2K 64447) best, followed by Otto Klemperer's mid 60 recording with the Philharmonia on EMI. I prefer these two recordings over John Barbirolli's Resurrection with the Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart (there also is one recording with the Halle Orchestra - avoid that one!) and Bernstein's New York recording. The four mentioned recorings are all 'good Mahler' interpretations of the 'frist generation' of great Mahler interpretations.
Today, Mahler is (re-)viewed slightly different, maybe too intense/dramatic/hip for my taste. Some still are able to transmit the 'mahleresque', which is required for not being lost in his long and interwoven movements. Of the more modern recordings, Fischer (on Channel Classics) has a pretty good understanding of the Resurrection (and the best sound), but I also like Andreas Litton with the Dallas Symphony on Delos, and Yoel Levi with the Atlanta Symphony on Telarc.
I don't think you can go wrong with any of the following: Solti/London Symphony (as mentioned by Abysmillard), Klemperer's EMI Philharmonia Orchestra performance, Bernstein's New York Philharmonic reading on Columbia, Bruno Walter's with the same orchestra on the same label as Bernstein or Kubelik's Bavarian Radio account on DG.
Slight correction: Though both the Bernstein and Walter performances were issued originally on the Columbia label (I own the lps), Sony later took control, so you will find both currently on that label.
I recently heard this one at carnegie hall conducted by
Pierre Boulez and was comletely blown away! Such a great work
For multichannel SACD, the best choices today are the MTT/SFSO and the Fischer/Channel Classics. They are remarkably "right" all the way through although the pacing of Fischer's last movement seems to lose a bit of elasticity. Sound is excellent on both with the edge to Fischer.

I understand that the Bernstein/Columbia from 1963 has been issued by Sony/Japan in MCH SACD. I have not heard it but the original performance is explosive. (Gotta get this one.) His final NYPO on DGG is a polar opposite, building tension slowly to a nearly overwhelming finale. (I was privileged to be at his last M2 with the NYPO.)

Solti doesn't do much wrong but he doesn't do much for me. There are many, many other options of note including Klemperer, Walter and, believe it or not, Rattle/EMI.

How can you have only one (or two)?

you can't go wrong with simon rattle's 1984 version with the cbso.excellent recording also.