Seeking Phono Installer in SF Bay Area

I'm looking for someone in the San Francisco Bay Area to install and properly set up a high-end phono cartridge. Any suggestions?
try Brian at The Analog Room, 1416 Fruitdale Avenue, San Jose CA 95128

408 971 6158

I have not been yet, but everyone speaks highly of "The Analog Room" in San Jose. Might want to try calling them.
Ditto on Brian. He is primarily a dealer. He has set ups about every TT Arm combination around, but call to see if he does home calls in SF on equipment he hasn't sold.

Another name in south bay, but maybe, is Nick Gowen of True Sound in Campbell. Again a dealer, but a great knowledge on doing these things.
If you are near Dublin, you should contact Bob Bergner of RB Audio at