Seeking opinions using 2 full range spkr as centr

I posted a thread regarding the use of a full range speaker as dedicated center. Then I did some more research and ran into the possible thought of using 2 full range speakers as dedicated centers. I can hang these two below my plasma. I was going to use these two for a 7.2 setup. However, there are no 7.2 format. I wonder if I can get better image of sound stage during a DVD-A or concert DVD playback. Has any one ever tried or even thought about it? If so, would I use some Y splitter to split from each red/black binding post into two for the two centers? I hope the wife approves about hanginng two full centers beneath the 42" plasma. It probably will look ugly. I can envision it already. However, the thought about better sound stage image like those from Martin Logan kills me.
Bad Idea! Also, "Y" splitting the speaker wires may give your amp a load it does not like and fry it.

One full range center speaker is a good idea, however.
Bad idea using 2, you will most liely be able to clearly tell there are 2 speakers playing wich will not sound natural, it is also as you point out very ugly. If you like the Logan sound, dont try to imatate it..just go get one if funds permit, I own the Innersound Eros MKII so I know what you mean about the sound
I'll kill that ugly thought right now. Thank you guys for trying to save me from dodging flying saucers from the kitchen. :> )
Don't worry Lej1447, you're not the first one to ask this question in these forums. Besides, only audio/video-philes think up things like this.

"...dodging flying saucers from the kitchen." LOL