Seeking Opinions on Stealth speaker wire

Can anybody provide opinions of their Premier copper or more expensive silver ribbon speaker cables from Stealth? I have an opportunity to buy some at a very good price and wondered how it stacks up with the competition. Thanks.
I do not have an answer on this cable but I am wondering about the cable that Mapleshade makes called the Double-Helix, does anyone have any info. on this? It is recommended to not biwire this cable but to use their jumper in conjunction. thanks,
Hoping that I can respond to this without getting yelled at for "incessant" praise of Stealth, I happen to be able tpo supply first hand info. I went from expensive homemade speaker cables, containing a lot of Kimber AGHSS, to Audio Magic Spellcaster, which beat mine, to Stealth Premier, which beat Spellcaster by more than Spellcaster beat mine, to Stealth Ultimate Ribbon, which for me was the best of the three. Premier might be better if your speakers need a LOT of power, but with my Quad ESL 63's, Ultimate Ribbon brought my system to life as nothing else quite did. Disclosure: I know the Stealth designer manufacturer, met him through a wire purchase. I don't think this makes my comparisons any less valid, however.
Audibleguy: Talk with Pierre at Mapleshade and he will answer all of your questions. And now - back to the thread...