Seeking opinions on best amp match for Aerial20T

I've been enjoying (loving) my new speakers now for about a year. Over that time, I've noticed some shortcomings of my system, which I believe are attributable to the amps, and am now seeking to replace my current amps. Here's a short list of my setup;

Sony SCD1 (modified)
2xML334s (one per speaker)
Harmonic Tech magic speaker cables
Cardas Golden cross balanced

My main two gripes with my current setup are;

the bass seems a bit soft, not well defined. Volume is good though.
imaging is not quite as good as good as I recall when auditioning the 20Ts

I'm considering either Krell450Mcx's, 2xML336's or ML33H's. Any thoughts?
You might consider Power Modules. Huge dampening factor very good sound and low pricing. They will definitely change the sound of your bass.
maybe rethink the placement. the symptoms named sure don't sound like more than that.
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Tvad ---

Are you coming out to Denver for the Audio Fest in Oct????
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I replaced a ML 331 on my Aerial 10Ts with a McCormack DNA-500 and was astounded by the improvement in bass and transient response. The was a equal improvement in delicacy and refinement. I don't know much about the 20Ts, but I do know the 10Ts love power and the McCormack delivers in spades.
Hi there,

Before you do anything else, replace the Golden Cross cables. They roll off the highs and soften the bass just as you describe. When I finally got rid of mine, I couldnt beleive how much information they had been filtering out. I kicked myself for living with them so long.

Fot these speakers, you need very powerful amplifier yet with finesse of best tube amp. With such parameters I don't know better (below $20k) then Spectron Musician III Signature and Plinius Reference
My god man. You have already spent a fortune on speakers. Shouldn't your dealer have told you you need to spend another fortune on amplifiers??? Don't look for any great changes from speaker cables or interconnects. That is spending good money after bad. Audition a huge solid state amp. Then send it back and buy different speakers.
McIntosh MC-501 did a good job with the 20T.
ASR Emitter II Exclusive will be second to none.
Been a while since I've been on this thread...and one change has been made- replaced my CD player with a Cary SACD306. This made a substantial difference in tonal character, but my gripes continue...

I'm now targeting Classe Omega Monos to replace my ML334's. Any opinions?

Sounds_real_audio, I appreciate your feedback but don't understand your message.
how about the moscode 401HR amp; has a 30 day in home trial and 200 watts of power.