Seeking opinions of C.Crane FM Reflect Antenna

Anybody use this antenna for FM with good results? My Godar is very poor at receiving my FM HD Radio signals. Reception cuts out and fails. What are the opinions of the Crane? Thanks for the view and comments.
I have a C.Crane FM Reflect on my bedroom tuner and it works much better than a basic cheap t-type antenna. I haven't tried a godar, rhombic-type or good outdoor antenna, which would be the best, but the C.Crane does a good enough job to get a decently strong signal. I mostly listen to the local NPR station at night.
Great unidirectional antenna. Beats my Fanfare in that way. And for around $25, it's a no-brainer.
Thanks for the responses. I ordered one to try out.
It's all about your particular reception envoirement. I live in a ground floor aptartment and the ccrane Reflect worked better for me than the Magnum whip and ribbon antennae.