Seeking Opinions of Acoustic Zen cables

I've been checking around the sites and it seems like the people "in the know" are using these cables. Can anyone who listened to these provide their opinions, please? Thanks.
Hello Pugstub, Yes I'm going to tell you the Acoustic Zen cables are the greatest thing ever, and yes I'm a dealer for them. But I'm not just promoting them for that reason. I truly beleive they offer the best performance for a very good price. Please check into them more before buying anything else.
I have heard alot of good things about Acoustic Zen I.C.'s, but nothing on their speaker cables. Has anyone had any experience in this area? Thanks olneycreek
Anyone have the website where info is available on these cables? Thanks
Go to The designer of these remarkable cables,Robert Lee,used to be with Harmonic Technology.
I have the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference interconnect in my system. I spent a year playing with different interconects, some of them many times more expensive than the Acoustic Zen & found it to be the most satisfying. It has no weaknesses: bass, highs, mid-range, soundstage etc. can compete with anything out there. Another wire may have a wider soundstage or deeper bass, but with Acoustic Zen the whole kaboodle works together & I found it (in my system, which is a pretty good one) to offer the best overall presentation. Certainly worth a try. I believe you can obtain it on a trial basis. Slopoint
there are some reviews of the Acoustic Zen products on the web at and . The speaker cables were reviewed on Enjoy the Music and the interconnects, digital cables, and I believe power cords were reviewed on Stereotimes.
Just borrowed the MC2=ZEN digital cable from a local dealer, replacing the HT Cyber-link Copper between my Pioneer DV05 player and Sunfire Theater Grand II. It was like adding a new DAC to the system for both music and HT. Everything bloomed! Bass extension, high end detail, smoothness. I had tried the Iluminati D-60, Ultralink, Tara Prism, Cyber-Link Copper and DIY digital cables before and previously liked the Cyber-Link cable best overall. My wife may not be happy, but throwing caution to the wind. The other Acoustic Zen cables in the dealer's system sound terrific. Good Luck, Kurt
Chiming in here with similar opinions. Have had experience with several of the HarmTech cables, now have the Matrix 1 interconnects, and the cheaper digital cable from AZ. They replace Analysis Plus, Luminous Audio interconnects, and TekLine digital (a wonderful cable in its own right).

Smooth yet detailed, even not fully burned in, they seem to bring the whole experience of the music to me better. Strong bass, highs detailed, not harsh. Midrange just seems extremely neutral, I can't really hear any colorations.

BTW, The Music Shop is a good dealer, been a long time since I did biz with him (TG Audio HSRi power cord), but I don't think he's just selling anything here....

Thanks, and good luck.
Thanks for all the feedback. I bought the AZ Satori speaker wire but haven't got it hooked up yet. Will be ordering IC's next.