Seeking opinions an Acurus ACT-3 w/ & w/o ABM

System is 75% home theater use. Are there great and noticable avantages with the later units that have ABM. Is one w/o going to be seriously outclassed by successor. Any comments, feedback, opinions, whatever, on these two units will be helpful and greatly appreciated.
I had a model with out the ABM and fealt it lacked nothing, it still had tons of bass adjustments or configurations(as they put it in the manual) to the best of my knowledge(which isn't much) I believe the ABM's main advantage is it allows you to tailor what freq. points are set for low pass for all 5 channels independently- as where you can not adjust the freq. of the low pass with out the ABM, if you have a good sub and good speakers I don't think you would miss anything getting a regular unit. And they can be found for a steal here at audiogon! a real bargain processor for the price they bring.
The Act 3's that are being dumped on the market are good deals. If the price differential is not too much ($100 or so), I'd go with one that has the ABM. If it is higher, it may not be worth it.

I upgraded my ACT 3 with the ABM, and it's worthwhile; gives you very flexible control. Contrary to what you might read, it does not permit a different crossover point for each speaker, but what it does allow is different crossover freqs for different modes. For example, you can crossover at 80 Hz for movies and at 45 Hz for music.