Seeking opinion for a super duper power cord....

to feed in my PS 300 and Wadia 860.
My considerations are:

NBS Statement
FIM Gold
Fatboy (not sure which model)

Appreciate your recomendations...........
Hmm--battle of the Titans here--watch what eventuates!-- I use NBS Statement PC's with the Jadis drive and Audio Note Dac5 SE and extremely happy with the synergy in my system, apart from a short foray with Cardas and Kimber versions in the beginning of all this PC furore, the NBS have been my mainstays ever since.The mothers tho are heavy /stiff/and a downwright pain to fix solidly both to the component and the AC outlet--Ha, but no pain no gain isn't that right!
I presume from pics I have seen of the others you mention they are in the same boat--can't vouch for them sonically but choose carefully-- in this stratospheric atmosphere a wrong decision can wring financial ruin!
If you feel you can take a good dose of angst,pop over to AudioAsylum, and open the post in Hi-Rez on "Monitor IV power cord in my Sony SACD player", there is a physics gentleman who claims he can make 8 PC's for $400 and to perform as well as any megabuck cord!
Go figure.

May I suggest you look into the following:
NBS Statement 3 or Monitor 0 (latter is tighter but "drier")
FIM Gold (best all rounder)
Whale Elite (heard very good things)
Elco (what is that?)
I would also consider the BMI Whale Elite, it could be the best sounding of the group and the least expensive.
a BMI WHALE power cable. Just do a forum search, and you'll read all about it. I have several Whales and very happy with the results. This is after owning a NBS Statement and a Electraglide Fatboy& Fatman, and a King Cobra V1. Sold them all after hearing the Whales in there place. Plus see my Reference system- Gryphon...Plus the Whale is modestly priced in comparison.
I am in a similar boat. I am looking for new power cord for my Odyssey amp and my Rouge 99 preamp. Any recommemdations?

I've been very happy with the Shunyata power cords and would add them to your list.
Tried them all and settled on the Pure Note Epsilon power cord. Pure silver, alloy shielded. This is the first cord that really improved my system. I got rid of the noisey background and the bass and highs are much better defined. FWIW.
Synergistic Designers Reference Squared. Incredible.
Gladstone, you are right, but it is incredible in a warm sounding system (tube), brings a bit of a chill to digital. Michael Fremer really liked the Fatboy in last months Stereophile if I remember correctly.
You have mentioned some of the better powercords and as will always be the case with cables you have gotten a mix of feedback. Since powercords have a tendency to like certain components I will just mention the powercords that I personally like on the Wadia 860 and the PS 300 & 600.

On the Wadia 860 the best three powercords that I have heard are the Shunyata Python retail $1000, The Audio Magic Clarevoyant at $1500, and the Synergistic Designer reference
at $1400 not the $2000 Square.

On the PS products the Whale is good its advantage is that they can be picked up cheaply because they are sold direct, but the Designer Reference Square retail $2000, and the Fat Man at $2500 to $2750 depending on version are by far the best next to the insane Khan at $4500. An inexpensive powercord that is very good is the Shunyata Sidewinder Gold at $350. But Audiogon usually has many of these powercords at good prices.
I've not read Ensemble yet and they do sound nice. I believe Fatwyre with its cable library is a very good idea as you will find Feng Shui in your own system.
Rather than buying an expensive power cord I would sell the PS and pick up the Accuphase regenerator that mes is selling as it would make more difference than any of the power cords mentioned......