Seeking mechanically QUIET CD player

For an office system, I'm trying to find a good-sounding CD player with a quiet transport mechanism. The player will sit only a couple of feet away, so I don't want to be distracted by an audible whirring sound, such as I can hear from my old Marantz player. Looking to spend about 500 max. Current options under consideration include used Rega Planet 2000, used Cambridge Audio 640C, and (though this busts the budget) used Musical Fidelity X-RAYv3. Your suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
audio classics has a used revox elegance for 500....its quiet and as balanced sonically as anything inthe 2k to 3k range....go figure.
Strong recommendation: I too sit just a few feet away from the CDP. My Rotel RCD-02's transport is very quiet. I would expect the current RCD-06 to be similarly quiet. I compared it to a NAD-541i and the NAD's transport was very noisy compared to the RCD-02. I would expect the RCD-06 to come in at or near the $500 list price of the RCD-02. As for the player's sound, check my review at AudioAsylum. It's not my last CD player, but with well-mastered CDs (especially HDCDs), it can sound pretty good. However, if your system falls on the bright side of neutral, I'd look elsewhere.