Seeking Knopfler's Night in London in VCD

Can anyone suggest a source for the Video CD version of Mark Knopfler's Night In London concert?

I have aging copies of the concert on VHS and a new VHS which is similarly aging in video and sound quality. The DVD version of the concert is more than a little disappointing in sound quality plus the inexcuseable omission of 'Sultans Of Swing' and 'Money For Nothing.'
I have hopes that the VCD version is an improvement and reviews seem to indicate that this is true. Plus, I'd like a durable version of this outstanding concert before it is lost in history.

So, please direct me to any sources of this outstanding concert. Thanks
jgiacalo has them on DVD, and many of their sub-agents offer them too. Pretty abundant on DVD. Forgive me, is VCD different than DVD?

It's a great show, sadly only a 2.0 audio track, though for this show (laid back in your living room) is probably fine.
Yes. VCD is different than DVD. THE DVD does not have two of the best tracks - a serious oversight in producing the DVD. And, the sound quality of the DVD is significantly poorer than a good-condition VHS.
Check the Amazon UK site, it will be cheaper even with shipping.