Seeking information on Seattle Sound M4 Speakers

I picked up a pair of Seattle Sound M4 tower speakers at a local Goodwill for $24.95.  There is hardly any info available on Seattle Sound on the internet and what there is references the M1 and M3 models.  The M4's look identical to photos of M3's on line.  With a Marantz CD player, Adcom power amp and B & K preamp, these speakers sound fabulous, better than AR MGC-1, Mcintosh XR-5 and Fourier 6 speakers I've owned.   The highs are crystal clear, the lows are strong and the sound is quite clean and musical and not at all tiring to the ears.  I read that Seattle Sound made about 8 different models including a subwoofer and were in business from about 1987 to 1993. Several of their speakers had an MSRP of $1500.  The M4's are 28.5” high, 10” wide and 12” deep. They weigh about 20 lbs. each. They have 8” Orevox woofers made in Taiwan, 3/4” Vifa dome tweeters, and a 2" rear port.   The woofer magnets say M4 or there would be no way to identify the model.  There is some kind of fluffy batting behind the woofers.  The Model # on the rear label is 401100. The cabinets have black oak veneer and seem solidly made.  I'm changing the banana jack terminals to gold plated.   I know little about crossovers but these seem simple - three capacitors, two resistors and a small white rectangular something.
I would love to learn more about these speakers and the company.   I'm assuming this model is quite rare Any info you could share would be appreciated.  
Hi A,
Hmmm...  I have lived in Seattle since the 60s and sold audio in Seattle since the 70's and don't believe I have ever seen "Seattle Sound" speakers sold in this area, which is a bit odd, if they were indeed made in or for the Seattle market!   These were either a house brand, made for some now defunct stereo shop like Pacific stereo, Silo or the like, or most likely, what we call a "van" speaker, so called because they are often sold out of the back of a van or pick up for whatever the guy in the vehicle thinks he can get for them. These guys have used many names for their speakers over the years just so they would be impossible to track down should you have a problem.  That could explain why it's hard to find any info on them. They are rarely any good and usually quite cheaply made.  If I could see them in person, I could tell you for sure. Are you in the Seattle area by chance?  If so, you could contact me when I return to work, this coming Tuesday, at Definitive in Seattle.  In any case, whether you like them or not, be careful how loud you play them.  You won't be able to find any exact drivers for them should you damage one!
Good luck and let me know if I can help.     Tom
Your response and offer to help are really appreciated.  Unfortunately, I live a bit north of New York City so I can't show these to you.
I can't imagine that these might be "van" speakers.  I have an old Orion Blue Book which lists two Seattle Sound models and the photos I mentioned are on sites that sell only high end equipment.  Van speakers usually generate "buyer beware" submissions on the internet and I see none of those.  I'm neither an audiophile or engineer myself but I've used and heard enough speakers (and I think I'm older than you) to be pretty sure these are of pretty good quality.  While my curiosity continues, I'm really enjoying loving these guys!  Thanks again,   Alan