seeking info from MFSL experts

I recently purchased a Bob Marley "Catch a Fire" MFSL Anadisc 200 LP. It was sealed in the traditional loose plastic with a tear off end but the cover is white. I was curious if anyone knows the history of these discs. Is it an early or late pressing? It sounds great by the way.
These Anadiscs were produced from early to mid 90's, I think the Bob Marley title produced around '97 or '98(?)
When you say "cover"...are you referring to the album jacket? If the jacket is all white (no graphics), then you may have purchased a test pressing. Ideally...that's a good thing. It may have been a pressing made before the thousands of copies were pressed (for internal MFSL use). If that's the case it *should* technically sound better...assuming they didn't listen to the pressing, think it sucked, and decide to completely remaster the album and re-press it. :-)
Here is a link to the complete MFSL discography up to when they went bust:

Hope this helps.