Seeking Imformation Regarding 2016 California Audio Show

Please post any info you may have regarding 2016 California Audio Show held in SFO; such as Hotel, dates, vendors, anything else.
I was unable to find anything for 2016 using Google or AG Forum search
Thank You
oopss ...sorry ... it seems the dates are not updated.
Last year, number of exhibitors was much less than precedent years. I remember Constantine Soo (organizer) was somehow upset too! Maybe they are hesitant to move forward. Hope this is not the case!

As you said, I wish I could go to Newport show but June time frame is not really convenient unless you live nearby ...

Last week, I asked Constantine Soo, Organizer of the 2016 California Audio Show, about the 2016 California Audio Show and he has not responded (as of today).  As noted above, the number of exhibitors for last year was much less than precedent years.   I was disappointed and so were many others that I talked to.  I do not know if there will be a 2016 California Audio Show.   I will email Mr. Soo again later this week and post his response (if any).
Unfortunately, the big Audio show in Taiwan happens that same weekend, and the Hong Kong show is the weekend before that. My thinking is that most manufacturers would rather focus on those two major markets than San Francisco.

Although we have lots of dot com millionaires in the Bay Area, we don't have too many people interested in arts or music in this part of the world, let alone spending $$$$ on audio gadgets when iphone with white earbuds does the trick....

I really want to hit the Newport show this weekend, but work and timing just won't work. I guess my best bet is to hit RMAF in October.

It appears the California Audio Show 2016 is going to happen.  I found this link today   The organizer is apparently Wells Audio rather than Constantine Soo who had organized the previous shows.  It's August 12-14 at the Westin SFO.  Given the lack of notice about it I wonder how well it will be attended.
As noted above, I contacted Wells Audio and they said they are not organizing the California Audio Show 2016.   I do not know where got their information.   

Based on the poor attendance of last years show, I doubt if the California Audio Show 2016 is going to happen.   If anyone has any additional information about the California Audio Show 2016, please post it here.