Seeking help on my High-End knowledge/history...

Who have been, or are, the top females in the history of the high-end?  I had met a lady from Advent in the Henry Kloss hey days, and I believe a woman kept the fire going for awhile after  Jim Thiel died, but it would be good to know of others.  Thanks
She is Krissy Tetrault. Pronounced T'ay trow. Invents and makes the best tweaks on Earth. That's who she is.
If I recall correctly, Richard Vandersteen's daughter is responsible for constructing his amplifiers. Alive and kicking and doing a hell of a job.
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Jozefina Lichteneggerova - European Audio Team
I believe she is a Principle of the company (Tubes, turntables, etc.).
Also, Wilma Cozart Fine. Responsible, with her husband, for Mercury Living Presence recordings.
Wilma Cozart Fine: The Muse of Mercury | The Absolute Sound
EveAnna Manley - VTL/Manley
Gabi Rynveld - Crystal Cable
Karen Sumner - Transparent Cable