Seeking help on my High-End knowledge/history...

Who have been, or are, the top females in the history of the high-end?  I had met a lady from Advent in the Henry Kloss hey days, and I believe a woman kept the fire going for awhile after  Jim Thiel died, but it would be good to know of others.  Thanks
The best one I know is Krissy Tetrault.
Thanks.  I do not know of Krissy Tetrault, what company, or whom, is she with or what is  her background/history?

She is Krissy Tetrault. Pronounced T'ay trow. Invents and makes the best tweaks on Earth. That's who she is.
If I recall correctly, Richard Vandersteen's daughter is responsible for constructing his amplifiers. Alive and kicking and doing a hell of a job.