Seeking Great Cool Runnin' SS Amp...

Advice Appreciated! I'm running Proac 2.5's with either a BAT VK30 or Rogue 99 Magnum Preamp, Arcam FMJ CDP, Linn LP12/Itok TT, and a Bruce Moore tube amp. I'm looking for a cool running SS amp for the summer months here in Arizona. Why? I can justify to my girlfriend a spaceheater during the months we heat the house, but she is opposed to excess power use otherwise. Why REALLY? This allows me to play with different amps, different sounds, for fun, seasonally! And I too believe in not wasting energy if not necessary.

So, I'm left with searching for a cool running amp (not Class A). Any suggestions? Right now my short list includes the Oddysey Stratos Dual Mono, the Plinius 102, and the Ayre V3. What would you recommend for this system, and why? Thanks Alot.
Along with the Odyssey Stratos, (which is supposedly outstanding and near unbeatable), the SimAudio Moon W-5 is also quite cool to the touch, good sonics, and good looking to boot.

But when you can own five brand new Odyssey Stratos for roughly the same price as one brand new Moon W-5, it becomes a no-brainer.

Especially when just one Odyssey Stratos is most likely superior in every category to the Moon W-5. And as a previous owner, I know the Moon W-5 to be a fine amplifier.

I have the Ayre V-3 and it runs HOT! It is billed as a Class A/B amp but runs a great deal into Class A. Two of them running, as in my system, heats my room quite nicely when outside temperatures are above 45 degrees F.

However, if you are looking for one of the finest sounding 100W ss amplifiers made, this IS IT! But, not recommended in warm climates unless you have the air on.

Now for my suggestion. I highly recommend trying a Parasound HCA-3500. It runs remarkably cool while sounding very refined.

Good luck.
Take a look at the older Threshold amps. I use to have a S150 and it never got warm to the touch. You see a few now and then for less than $1k.
anything from YBA run COLD... You can probably find something in your budget, they have a pretty broad line...

BEst Regards
The Conrad Johnson MF series run cool. I like the MF2500. Good luck.
Aloia runs cool looks cool and has a cool price
I should mention that my budget is around $1500 to $2500, with the lower end preferred but justified departures accepted! Anyone who knows the amps listed here and can provide some comparitive feedback... it would be much appreciated.
I have heard the new PS Audio amp runs cool and sounds great, no personal exposure to it though. I have heard the Plinius 102 and think that would be a great choice if it is a good match for you speaker. I do not know any reason it wouldn't be.
There is a Bel Canto Evo 2 on sale right here, right now for $1650. Coolest running hi performance amp in existence.
The Audio Research 100.2 sounds great with ProAC 2.5s-- it's the amp the American distributor recommends as a match. It runs warmish if you leave it on, but nothing hot enough to effect the room. Strongly recommended, particularly if you can run it balanced...
Speaking of cool running amps, I haven't seen anyone mention the PS Audio HCA-2. Like the Evo 2 this is a digital amp (Class D) that runs very cool. I noticed a previous thread where some comparisons were made between these two amps, and the few writers seemed to prefer the PS HCA-2. Time has gone by. Anyone have insights in comparison between these two amps?
Plinius amps are space heaters in Class A.

I would suggest a GamuT D-200 amp.

The D-200 is the best amp I have had in my system.

I agree with Bozo, the older Thresholds do run cool and are an excellent value. There are a couple on Ebay as well as here on A'gon. I have a S300II and a S150II and couldn't be more happy with them. The 300's run around $750-1100 and the 150 goes for around $500-750. You can still get them serviced, if they ever need it, by Jon Sodenburg at Vintage Amp Repair. He is also a huge resource about the Threshold amps. (
If 100 wpc will fill the bill, McCormack DNA0.5 Rev A+ would be at the bottom end of your range, used, or you could get a DLX for about $700, and upgrade for about $750 to $1200.00, depending on what you want.
You might consider the cool running Consonance amps from Opera Audio. These received rave reviews and much attention at the recent Consumer Electronics Show.The 80 watt version will work nicely but if you listen at loud levels the 100 watt amp is a safer bet with your 86 db sensitive Proacs. The Consonance amps are similar to your Proacs in that they provide good detail, clarity and excellent soundstaging.They are a great mix with tube preamps.I understand your energy concerns as I also live in Arizona. Using an excellent power cord such as the Sahuaro Audio will actually reduce your amp temperature 6 to 12 degrees. Another suggestion is to run an overhead ceiling fan on low to add cooling. This should not degrade your sound quality much if at all. All of these products are in the middle to lower end of your price range. Overall, you will find the Consonance amps to be much more natural and musically involving than many of the amps mentioned.You can contact me for more information.
i have the Odyssey monoblock amps. I leave them on all the time and they are very cool to the touch, even at loud volumes. great pair of amps. I prefer these to the mcintosh amps i have owned, and to the classe, plinius, sim audio, etc... that i auditioned.
Jeff Rowland model 10 runs cool .
The digital amps run the coolist, Spectron, PS Audio, Bel Canto, etc.
Without a doubt the coolest running amp at close with fantastic tube like qualities is the Harmonic Precision 110. I have them and the lack of heat is phenominal. They are more than 97% efficient. Despite the power rating I am running Revel Studios with them and the dynamic output is fantastic. Large room and as they have broken in I have had to continue to lower the volume on the preamp and I like loud. I have the Rowland MF 5600 on another system and while I think it has a really sweet sound must say it runs really hot. Check out Haronic Precision at
How about a cool running tube amp like the David Berning ZH270? You might even like it enough to use it in the winter too.
I don't know for sure, but I would guess the digital amps from TacT and others might be the coolest running amps.
Llano designs. Check website through AudiogoN. You can actually call and speak with Randy White. I've got an older version rated at only 100 watts and it feel like at least double that. If I had the money right now, I'd go for one of his new hybrids
I'm surprised the PS Audio HCA-2 isn't mentioned more. It is completely transparent and never runs out of driving power. I think it sounds better than the Bel Canto's I've heard. And it costs much less. Oh yeah, it's always cool to the touch.
The Plinius might be your amp. It has a bias switch that allows you to run the amp in AB (my 250 runs only mildly warm in that mode) or in full Class A (blast furnace). So you may only need one amp for summer and winter!
The Llanos run pretty warm (I have a pair) as they are heavily biased into Class A. Great sound though, and the ability to switch front end tubes lets you adjust the sound of your amp to fit your system precisely.
The PSA HCA-2 runs very cool, have not heard it.
Good luck in your search.
With respect to Randy White's new hybrid amps. My Trinity 300 is just barely warm to the touch, but there is a LOT of heat sink area and this baby is heavy (75 lbs). Tube voltage section runs in Class A, ss current amp must run in AB. It is an awesome sounding amp, with lots of current and major cajones! This might be a full-time solution.
Stehno every time I read your thread about the stratos
the waiting gets longer, although 2 more weeks maybe.
I think ML they run cool too.I order the xtreme oddyssey.
My biased viewpoint (in love with my SA102 - if anyone thinks it sounds like the SA100, they ain't heard it)concurs with Nalu.
odyssey mon blocks with upgrade do run cool-i could use a little heat this time off year
I second the Berning. Hard to beat the 270(if at all) and you get the benefits of the glorious OTL sound in spades! The Berning would work very well with the PROACS too. I know somebody who is running a pair of 2.5's with a 270 and says its the berries. Good Luck.
It would be hmmmmmmm,
BVaudio PA300, also the most quietest in the market. Give it a trial or something.