Seeking Frank Zappa Tune Name

Anyone know name of the song Frank performed on Sat. Night Live? The one that got him banned from T.V. by the network Baboons (or was it the Feds)? The lyrics, to my recollection, were something like: There in Washington having fun; Looking out for #1; And #1 one ain't you; Your not even #2.... Any Mothers fans out there?
How about "The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing" which includes ..."Well, people, you ain't even got no deal at all 'Cause what they do In Washington They just takes care of NUMBER ONE an' NUMBER ONE ain't YOU You ain't even NUMBER TWO Those ..." Regards, Richard at
Richard, Can you provide the name of the album, etc., containing this work? has 75 diff. Zappa entries. My thanks P.S. Is all Vantage audio equipment proprietary?
If I remember correctly the album is "You Are What You Is". Re: your question, yes - what we build is our own. Thanks for asking, regards, Richard.
Just had a look at Amazon, it is item 29 of 80 listed and the CD version is on Ryko. Reckon though you need to listen to the vinyl version for best effect, have fun, happy new year, regards, Richard.
Also, the Persuasions do a soulful, doo-wop, a cappella version on "Zappa's Universe". This cd is a live tribute performance on Verve.
Richard, You-da-Man... Thanks, Ken
Have another request... I heard a Zappa work once (can't really call it a song) about 30 years ago called something like: "There are 101 Things Wrong With This Girl". Frank starts with #1 and goes down the list; Really amusing. Thanks and Happy New Year!