Seeking feedback on Swan, Paradigm and Triangle

My quest to find a new speaker continues. Has anyone had any experience with Swans M-1 or 3.1? What about Paradigm Studio 60's and Triangle Zerius (spelling?)? I have a CJ-MV 60 and small room (12x16).
Never saw your thread, dont think it posted. Found it under unanswered questions. I have the Swan M1, like them alot. Not much feedback on them. Go to more chat and search "swans".
Which Swans? I remember the original product from 15+ years ago and know nothing of the new ones. How do you think they would sound with a CJ MV-60?
I have Paradigm Reference Studio 100V2s in my HT system and I find them great for that application. They're quite acceptable, too, for casual music listening.

Paradigm is one of those brands that audiophiles love to hate. They're built by the thousands in a huge factory in Canada--"mass produced" even. OTOH, their quality control is awe-inspiring, their support for their products is a matter of legend, and they are definitely going to be around tomorrow when you need to replace a driver.

They're workhorses AND they get dynamite reviews from almost everyone. Even (all genuflect) The HP has spoken favorably of them.

Good luck with your quest. Let us know what you choose.

I have Paradigm Studio reference 100 v2 also and I LOVE them. When I was searching, I did not care what speakers I was to buy, just so long as they sounded great. Everytime I was out on business, I would swing by the audio stores and see what they had. I listened to nearly everything (except never heard Swans) and settled on the Paradigms. Two reasons: A) they just sound GREAT! B)they are mass produced so you get top quality at a low price. An unbeatable argument if you ask me. Besides that, they are efficient so your CJ will be happy and the highs will not hurt your ears like so many others I listened to. Good luck!
Will and Aball,
Many thanks for the input. The Studio 60's are on my list, so I will also listen to the 100's. My room is small 12x16, so I need to take this into consideration. The short list also includes Meadowlark and Joseph. I start the final rounds of listening this week.
You asked about Swans and I refered to the M1s. Why did you ask about them if you dont know what they are? You are probably better off with Paradigm.
Quick, hand cellorover a towel. He's gotta be bleeding after THAT shot.
Hi Blkadr!

I asked becasue that is how one learns. As mentioned and to clarify, I knew the original founder of Swan and since his death I was uncertain as to the direction of the company. I spoke with the new owners and then wanted to see what the market said. As a management consultant, you ask questions and then sift through it all to find what is real and what is not. With my system and ears, I may not be better off with either the Paradign or Swans. The short list is now Meadowlark and Joseph. Thanks for your input. But, let me ask. If you have the M1s but feel that I would be better of with the Paradigms, what is it that you like about them, that is (1) better than yours (2) better for me (3) but not better for you? Cheers Mate!

I don't think a towel is necessary. My first response to Blkadr was not well thought out. I need to collect lots of info and hear lots more speakers before making a decision. I spent too many years inside the industry to accept everything that I hear and read, especially at first glance. You have to take chances and ask questions. And, where I live, there are not that much access to new equipment unless I drive 1+ hours, which I am now doing. Armed with some insight from all of you allows me to pick and choose the dealers that I visit. Getting back into the game is fun and interesting. A lot has happened in 15 years. Thanks for the support! Greatly appreciated! Cheers!
Cellorover, your response was generous and tactful, two qualities I confess mine was lacking. One thousand apologies. Swans is a completly different company now and their products have changed a lot. They import and use in their own designs high quality HiVi drivers from China of all places. That didnt seem to bother companies like Cliffhanger, Totem and Coincedent, they all use HiVi drivers in some of their designs. I have only heard the M1s and they have stood up very well in comparison with some better known and more expensive speakers. They are small but like my Totem 1s are capable of (relatively) high output and are dynamic in moderate size rooms. Mine is about 16x16. The ribbon tweeters are very nice. The Paradigms mentioned go deeper but cant match the Swans in ultimate clarity and detail (IMO). The M1s also have a very natural balance, although I use them with a sub. They are not very efficient at 85-86db but are an easy 8ohm load and dont seem to take too much juice. I have only used them with SS power so cant say how they take to tubes. This is only my opinion from my own experience. I purchased mine used "for a song" to use as backup while trying others and still havent found anything to really settle down with. The Paradigms are good speakers and I have also heard the Meadowlark Kestrals and they are a very good value also. Hope you find what your looking for, and again I regret coming off like a prick.
No problem. This is what it is all about. Having fun and sending some jabs and challenges. I'm tempted to grab up a pair of Swans just for the reason you said -- affordable and good. But I want to save a few dollars to do something with my CD. I am still undecided there. For now, I am leaning towards the Kestral and as I move ahead they will probably end up in my daughter's system. Space is tight so these seem like a good solution without compromising sound. But I still want to spend some time with the Josephs before I make a final decision. I am partial to monitors. Keep the feedback and info coming.
I just bought a pair of Swans M1 and got them in this afternoon.

That's one hell of a stiff suspension these little woofers have! I have Prodigy's "The Fat of the Land" taking care of the break in. I understand from several sources (including the manual) that they take about 100 hrs. They're also taking all the power my Proton AA-1150 power amp is throwing out!

As for musicality, I can't say yet. My JMlab Tantal 509 are sooo musical.....but I didn't like the way they sounded right out of the box. I can already say, however, that the Swans are much more detailed and three dimensional. They're also letting me know more of my Proton's SS sound, especially since I have to raise the power to get them moving properly. That Prodigy CD is going to accelerate the break in process...

Let's see how it goes. I've NEVER seen any speaker with such a build quality/price ratio. Cabinet construction, massive binding posts, separate crossover boards damped and mounted at 90 degrees, internal bracing, real wood veneer, ribbon tweeter and shielded kevlar woofer with dual magnets, leather front...simply unreal!
Psychicanimal, yours must be getting broken in by now, what do you think? Expect them to improve a little more after much use. By the way at first glance I thought it said Psycocriminal, sorry cant shake it.
I performed the forced break-in procedure outlined in the manual: to put the speakers in front of each other and hook them out of phase ( in mono, if possible ). Well, no mono--but the Prodigy cut I picked is giving them little woofers one hell of a workout!

A total of 13 hrs in three days with Prodigy: Fat of the Land did loosen the suspension and the tweeter...

The speaker is truly outstanding, though extremely inefficient. Even before completing the break-in I couldn't get up from the couch! Detailed yet musical, smooth and fast, with a very stable stereo image. It truly conveys the performance.

What more could I ask?
Glad you like them. You know how it is here, if you seem to like something too much people think you have an agenda. Some guy is really pushing Reality One monitors with revelator woofers. I may try them but when someone says suff like they blow everything else away and nothing can touch them it makes me wonder if they are for real. Im listening to "Tounge" by Penelope Houston on my M1s and she really rocks. Thinking of replacing my sub with a pair of compact sealed cabinet subs from Parts Express. Im still trying other monitors, but I will never sell my M1s.
I just talked on the phone this afternoon with Steve Deckert ( I want to drive down to Peoria and listen to his Wicked One subwoofer with my Swans:

There's a new Yugoslav audio e-zine which went on line this week. The forums are in English. It looks promising...

Well, I really like the Swans. Now I need a better amp for the Swans and a sub.
I currently have a set of Swans M1's in my room. They're not quite broken-in yet but sound pretty nice. They do need to be used with a subwoofer as they're only good to 60Hz or so. Although quite inefficient, they sound very lively when used with my tube amplifier.

Click here for photos.
The Paradigm 60s are nice with good bass, but too harsh for my ears in the high end. I prefer more natural, warm sounding speakers (I guess some would say "tube-like") and the Paradigms just didn't cut it. I went with a pair of Tannoy D500s which sound oh so sweet to my ears. Hpwever, these may too big for your room. Sonus Faber might serve a similar sound in a smaller size, or try Tannoy's other lines if the sound I described appeals to you. They are, in fact, releasing some new lines these days.
I dumped my B&W N804s for the same reason Budrew didn't like the Paradigm 60s! I thought the 804s were shrill in the highs despite everything i tried to correct it. Another reason I guess you have to listen to the speakers on YOUR system if at all possible. What sounds good on one can sound poor on another. My Paradigm 100s are sliky smooth in the highs (many reviewers on agree). Take care
OK, I will close this tread from my perspective but let you all continue to chat. My CJ is up and running and after a short side track with CD versus transport, etc. I circled back to speakers. As one of you said above, it comes down to what sounds best in your system. I went through B&K, Paradigm, Joseph, Alon and Meadowlark. I added one other criteria, ease in purchasing. The winner is: Meadowlark Shearwaters. Thank you all. Your input got me to listen to speakers I probably never would have considered. It is time to enjoy the music.
I just got done listening to the triangle zeriuses mated to cambridge audio equipment (cd player and integrated). I have to tell you that these speakers are remarkably honest and lifelike. The instruments were presented correctly in space as layered, from my experience, the way the band (Nickel creek) would have wanted it. In short, the speakers handle low frequency beautifully and tightly, mids airy, breathy, up-close and open, and the tweets are spectacular in that they express what is there perfectly--the decay of a small cymbal to the last ring was a testament to this in my time with them. Heart warming sound because they allow the music to breathe completely uncolored by the personality of some lab coat putz with an agenda. Whoever designed these should go into politics.