Seeking Feedback from Leben CS-600x Owners

Not many reviews around yet on Leben's update on the CS-600.  I'd be very interested in hearing from owners of this integrated -  successful speakers pairings, sonic qualities, tube rolling experiences, and perhaps how it sounds compared to similarly powered push-pull amps.  Thanks in advance.
@ghasley  Perfect description to help me sort out the comments I've read.  I do indeed think any criticisms I've heard on lack on tubey sonics are likely from those seeking a very wet euphonic texture.  I will certainly look into the Leben further.  Much appreciated.
I just picked up my 600x today and only have about 4 hours on it, but I’ve heard I may need 50+ hours to let the caps fully burn in before forming an opinion. But until then:

- very gutsy amp, with plenty of power for Devore Nines. Really turns them into a dynamic speaker with great control. It even powered a pair of YG Carmel v1 speakers, though I didn’t quite like that pairing as much as I did the Devore.

- I’m not a fan of the stock EH EL34, it has a bit of a glare. I quickly swapped for a Gold Lion KT77 and quite liked the sound. I have an NOS set of Winged C tubes I am tempted to try.

- super transparent and detailed, not a syrupy classic sound but it does have warmth, just not at all rolled off.
- in contrast to my Woo WA5 300b integrated, which is 8wpc, the Woo has that delicate and intimate 300b sound that is seductive, until you try to rock out and it gets a little flat at higher volumes. The Leben gives up some immediacy and sweetness but you get better body, more detail, more life like soundstage, and wow what a soundstage.

curious to see how the amp changes in the first 50 hours.
Finally past the break-in period, and I am super happy with the 600x. A few things helped eliminate some grit and glare: swapped the line stage tubes with NOS Sylvania and CBS tubes, which mellowed things out. Amp is warm, rich, musical, and while it sounds odd, transparent and clear too. Tall and wide soundstage, manages to reveal wonderful detail, with body and weight. 
It isn’t a fat tubey sounding unit in the style of a VAC Avatar SE, and I am having trouble thinking of an EL34 integrated that really sounds like it at all. I’m more reminded of VTL gear.