Seeking Feedback from Leben CS-600x Owners

Not many reviews around yet on Leben's update on the CS-600.  I'd be very interested in hearing from owners of this integrated -  successful speakers pairings, sonic qualities, tube rolling experiences, and perhaps how it sounds compared to similarly powered push-pull amps.  Thanks in advance.
this is a terrific amp full of nice timbre, acepting either el34 or 6l6. I have heard it with Blumenhofer Genuin FS2, FS3. I will have a listen to them again this week some time when i visit my dealer friend so i can give you more details about any additional matchings.
I owned a CS600 and currently have a CS600x in my office system. The Cs600x is better in every way but read up on the cs600 for speaker matches, its just a better and improved version. To me it seems to have more presence and snap. Maybe some power supply improvements, but it isn’t so different that speaker recommendations that were applicable to the 600 no longer apply. I enjoy Devores with the Leben but I have also connected it to my Wilson Sashas and it did a surprisingly good job, just a little loose in the low bass.
Thanks for both responses.  I'm considering pairing with Devores although I've heard that the Leben may not have the most "tubey" sonics.  Does that ring true with you @ghasley ?