Seeking detached tonearm lifter

Greetings everyone:

I recently installed a handmade 12" unipivot arm and it has no tonearm lifter/cueing device.

While it’s not absolutely necessary, I’d prefer to install one. Aside from the Douk, are there any other recommended devices that have a cueing capability and aren’t just a trigger for the end of the record?

Thanks, in advance, for any assistance you can provide.
The device you posted looks to be made for Rega tonearms.  Is it truly stand alone and can be used with most other tonearm brands?  I have an older Origin Live tonearm that needs a new cueing tool.   Your recommendation makes me curious.  Thanks.
@flatblackrounddirect replacement from the OL factory might be a better fit for not much more cost.
@duducat You'll have to find a way to mount it in your situation. There are other types to choose from.
Like this.
Yes you would think so.   I did just that.
They had difficulty identifying which arm I have (with detailed photos) and the $100 device they sent me slides around loosely in the hole in the tonearm plate and I can’t figure out how to set the position and height permanently.  Also I it doesn’t perform smoothly.   Frustrating.