seeking dac with de-emphasis circuit

Being a CD collector from way back, I still have a number of CDs that were released with a pre-emphasis curve (for example, many classical works on the Denon label, some early Columbia discs, etc.). Back in the old days, most CD players had a circuit to detect this pre-emphasis and would automatically switch in the necessary de-emphasis for playback. But my Cambridge 840C lacks a de-emphasis circuit -- which is annoying, but apparently many recent players and DACs have decided to do away with the de-emphasis circuit. I'd still like to be able to play those old CDs at times, so I'm seeking an under-$500 DAC with de-emphasis. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Pick up a used Aragon "D2A MKll" or "D2A2" unit with recommended special outboard "IPS" power supply. These DAC's look and feel like cast iron pizza boxes, a rather distinctive form factor. Plus, the power supply takes up some space on your floor or shelf.
With this outboard power supply there is prodigious bass and excellent transient attacks.
You will be surprised by hearing or noticing for the first time how often there is strong punctuation of orchestral rhythms with bass drum or tympani, now revealed to no longer be confined to that notorious early 1980's Telarc label bass drum.
There is also a significant relief of stridency or digital edginess when these vintage CD's are now properly decoded.
After checking online, it seems that the later model Aragon "D2A2" is not made to use the "IPS" power supply. It may not even retain the classic pizza box appearance!
Also, not sure if it has your requested de-emphasis circuit which is indeed present in my Aragon "D2AMKll"
Sorry that I mistakenly assumed newer model would retain all original desirable features while adding still more goodies, like HDCD decoding.
Museatex Bitstream Dac, nicest sounding Dac on the planet too.
The Dodson DA-217 mkII-D has a de-emphasis circuit. The DA-217 might, too. There's one currently FS here (the non-MKII version).
The Dodson, while a fine DAC, exceeds the OP's budget.