Seeking comments from ProLogue 3-5-6-7 owners...

Firstly, I am very particular about what I own, and I do have some "better" stuff, but I prefer a system in each larger room of my house, each must match the space and speakers already there, and the music I intend to play, and the following suits the space and intended use. Secondly, I detest remote control, so anything I own must not incorporate it. This preamble hopefully will deter any alternative suggestions unless they are very close to the below.

I am interested in upgrading a 30-year-old classic solid-state system with a ProLogue 3 pre and either the 5 two-channel or 7 monoblocks. I've had my eye on these combos for over four years (I did mention that I am very deliberate, right?) and am now seeking any advice from owners who pulled the trigger earlier than I did. You and I both know the specs and possibilities for tube rolling-- this is of great interest to me, but secondary to my question: What has your long-term experience been with either of these setups?

FYI, room is about 20x25 feet and speakers are rotated between a pair of Klipsch Chorus, Ohm 3XO or Magnepan 1c, depending on the width of sweet spot desired. I have several other classic speakers of various design in the closet, so these are not limiting. Intended sources for this room are a selection of CD players, from MASH to oversampling, probably even a carousel changer, and digital tuners-- you may deduce that I wish to introduce tube warmth, and even blatant euphony, to this room, where I relax rather than obsess over vinyl.
I have a ProLogue 5 that I use occasionally when I want to enjoy tubes for a change of pace. It's a wonderful product in terms of build quality and ease of use. The auto-bias is a great feature. I have run mine with KT88s and EL34s. I recently dropped the amp while moving it. Dented a corner of the transformer cover and one tube was damaged, but it otherwise survived without a hitch.

It works okay with my Dunlavys, but yesterday I tried it with a a friend's Hales speakers and it was seriously underpowered and not a good sonic match. I'd wonder about using it with your Manepans.
You've probably already picked up my comments on the 3/5 combo from other posts when you used the search feature. The Readers Digest version is they work well in combo but separately for me not so much so. Their sound is linear and detailed. Modern tube sound. Bass has presence but is not really rich/deep. There are simple and flexible re tube selection and use.

But, for the price of both pieces, I think you can do as well, if not better, with an integrated. These were used mainly with Tyler Linbrook Systems (92db) over a three year period, or briefly with my present speaker (92db)

FWIW. Hope that helps a bit.
I have owned the PL5 for 5 years. It is paired with a Musical Fidelity CD PRE 24 (preamp & cd player) and Opera Platea floorstanders. There is a SONY SCD 555 ES for SACD duty. My room size is similar (23 X 18). I do live in an apartment, so I play the system low to moderately loud.

So I have no desire to change unless I were taking on an order of magnitude type upgrade What works ... the solid state front end with the tube amplifier. So yes, the tube sound is different than tube amps that I was accustomed to from the 60's. The sound has more control and depth. The sound is not as smeared.

I don't regret purchasing the PL5.


Thanks to all. Newbee, yes, impedance matching and the apparent synergy of the pre/amp is why I'm fairly set on the matched combo regarding ProLogue and not currently planning on using one or the other separately. However, Rar1's success with a SS front encourages me that if I go the 7 monoblocks route, I will still have some options for SS/tube experimentation. I have sensitive hearing, and I don't mind the low output of the MGIc on even 35 "old school" watts, when I am listening alone, just for a change of pace from the screaming Klipsches, which I use when expecting company.

About the sound-- I am definitely looking for a "tube sound," and I find the stated "no more than 1% THD" as a refreshing change from the japanese spec wars of the late '70's-early '80's. I do use Quicksilver phono/pre/mini mite in another room, if that invites any comparisons-- I'm slowly going from classic solid-state to tube, and wanted something I can "play with." I can probably do without the woolly bass of the sixties, but hoping that the sweet tube midrange is there as my wife prefers female vocal music. Drubin's post suggests that the sound is still noticeably different from SS...
Morganholz, I infer from your comments that you have done a lot of reading of reviews of the Primaluna equipment. That is good, but in the event you have not read the review of the 3/5 combo in 6moons, and you are interested in possibly using these components separately some day, do read this review. It mirrors my experience with the combo and it runs contra to the conclusions you could reach from reading the reviews in the paper mag's. Not to beat this horse to death, but in using these components separately I was able to get good sound using the Primaluna 3 with other amps (ss & tubed) losing only a little bit of resolution/detail and gaining a bit of warmth, but I never found a pre-amp (4 all tubed units with varying impedance output from 600 to 3500 ohms) that really fleshed out the Primaluna 5 other than the Primaluna 3. Combined they are without doubt excellent.

FWIW, I realize others feel differently.