Seeking best digital amp for $2000

What's the consensus on the best digital amp in the $2000 range? Nuforce, Rowland, Channel Islands, PS Audio, or others? The only experience I have is with the Class T amps and the Flying Mole mini amp which I like except for the top end is a little rolled off for me. What should I be looking at? Thanks for any advice you all can provide.
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Here's some interesting reading:

There are obviously some major players missing from the shootout, but it is interesting none the less.....

If I were in the market for a $1500-$2000 digital amp today, I would buy the Red Wine Audio Signature 30. I think Vinnie offers a money back trial period, so you can't go wrong.....


I would look at Ric Schultz's 500 amp, he does some nice modding to the standard ICE chips, and can custom to your in/output needs. I think they are at $2000 new as well.
I always look for 30 day or more money back guarantees if it's possible. I'd look down that road for sure.
It is worth your time to audition the Bel canto series. Not just because I own one, but many others like it as well. They are very accurate, detailed, smooth in the midrange, and great lower frequencies. However, they are somewhat unforgiving of poor sources, like bad vinyl and overly bright CDs. Although, that does depend on the rest of your system, especially the speakers. I hear the Channel Islands are similar. Both John and Dusty are great people and both are made in the USA. Both have a 30 day return policy. I always want to audition gear in my room before I commit to keeping it. Good luck!
Check out the NuForce web site. You can sign up to get a weekend audition of their amps for only $1 - this includes shipping!! I think they begin sending these out next month. Not sure if they'll be coming from "preferred" dealers or directly from the factory. But what the hey!? It's only a buck!
Bel Canto 2 week try period
Coffeey, thanks, you are correct, 2 week trial. For what it's worth, I did not perceive any "break-in" period with my amps. Also, Wally at Underwood Hi Fi may work out something of a trial. And his prices are excellent. It's worth asking.
The "best" digital amps are in your subwoofer. Outside of this application I cannot recommend any of the numerous digital amplifiers I have heard. None of them have performed up to MY standards for a credible amplifier!
If you lucky to catch Spectrton Hybrid Plus when its offered for sale, you have 90% of $6,500 Musician III Signature sound.
FYI, I respectfully submit that I wrote a review of the Channel Islands D200 monos for
Digital amp with tubes upstream. If you are going to go with a digital power amp, have a tube pre or tube dac. I have a tube pre with a class t power amp. I will always have some sort of Class D, T, Ice, etc. power amp with a tube pre. I think the reason some people don't like the digital amp sound is the "all solid state" system they are used in. Check out the Acoustic Reality web site. Just my opinion.
I run the Flying Mole amps (modded) with a Supratek Chenin tube preamp and LOVE the sound. Source is a Zero One
Mercury music server.