Seeking assistance in Pittsburgh area

Hello all,

I am a 65 year old audiophile who lives east of Pittsburgh in Wilkins Twp. I am recently retired and as a gift to myself I purchased  some bucket list items:

  • Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers
  • McIntosh MA-2275 all tube integrated amplifier
  • Denafrips Aries 2 DAC
  • New audio stand
  • New assorted cables

All of these items are in original cartons and currently reside in my garage which is adjacent to my listening room.  I wish to integrate the above items into my current Sony/Wharfedale 7.1 surround sound system with the Cornwall's replacing the existing Wharfedale 8.4 towers.

In order to accomplish this task it will require the wall mounting of a 75" Sony HDTV so the table that it is currently on can be removed.  Two narrow bookcases will also have to be removed along with the Wharfedale towers.

The new audio stand requires assembly and placement in the newly created space along with the Cornwall's.  The MA-2270 and DAC will require installation on the new audio stand along with Sony 7.1 receiver and cable box etc. I also have a switching box to move the Cornwall's from the Sony to the MA-2270. An HP laptop will be a music server to the MA-2270 via the Denafrips DAC.

I am seeking someone in my area who would be willing to install the above. I am more than willing to pay generous cash to have these tasks performed.

I am disabled and unable to do this.  I estimate 2 separate days to perform  these tasks. Please contact me via email and I can provide additional details. Ideally I am seeking hobbyist level of expertise.  Two people would be great but I can probably provide a helper to one person.  

Thanks for your consideration.