Seeking amp recommendations

Greetings All:
I'm new to this list so I hope I'm following protocol.
Here's my situ: I bought a new Rotel RB-1080 last year (regrettably before I knew about Audiogon) and I'm unsure about its synergy with the rest of my very mid-fi system. I have an Arcam Alpha 7SE, Parasound PLD-1100, Velodyne ULD-12 sub, Signal Cable interconnects and power cables, Transparent speaker cables. My speakers are high quality (built by a legit EE) custom made--a 2 way, D'Appolito design?... they sound similar to early Totems, but not quite as good. I'm wondering if I may have more power than I really need for my current speakers. The Rotel replaced my old Dyna 416 and I didn't really do my homework on researching other amplifiers. Is there a more "musical" amp with a more modest power output (say, around 1/2 of the Rotel's that I should explore?
Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
Speaker sesnitivity?

Try Audio Research's new tube amp for constrained budgets (suggested price still about US$ 4000) VS110 (good match w. the Totems I hear), Musical Fidelity A3.2 CR (under US$1795.
rotel is an excellent fact your system is very well thought out, although i would know about the speakers. there is no problem with having more power than you need. it only makes your music more dynamic with a low noise any case tubes will definately change the sound,but not necc make anything better.
JRD351 is right: you can't really have too much power (Of course, I would say that, as I use 350 wpc with 98 dB speakers!). And for the money, Rotel makes a very good product. I think you should spend your money on discs to play. Give it a year, then think about upgrading, but not before.