Seeking Amp recommendation...


After researching some equipment and listening to speakers in my local audio shop, I decided on the Rega rs5 speakers. I will be playing flac from my computer fed through a Music Hall 25.3 DAC that I also just recently got.

My dilemna is regarding the Amp. I initially ordered the Rega Brio 3 Amp but they are now backordered. So I'm looking for some advice on a nice AMP under 1k that will suit these Rega rs5 speakers well.

Can you guys help me out with some suggestions?

Thanks in advance...
Exposure 2010s.Better than Rega IMO
Pick up a used VTL ST-80.... very nice el34 power will sweeten that combo right up.
Please hear some of the Cayin stuff. Great sound, value and service. I have the 100, 88 and VAS I's. All should be considered. They beat Mac's. hands down.